Our 1 tonne vans are a perfect solution for those who need to move something but like the extra accessibility and the security a van offers. All our vans are less than 5 years old and come standard with a side access door, air conditioning and power steering. They are perfect for those tradies that need to keep their gear secure, or moving in bad weather.


Our Vans consist of both Hyundai ILoad’s and Toyota Hiace’s which have an approximate cargo area of 4.3 cubic litre capacity

The dimensions are
2425 mm long
1620 mm wide – space between wheel arches 1260 mm
1350 mm high


5125mm long
1920 mm wide
1935 mm high


Our vans are available at a select number of Bunnings Warehouses across New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and at the Bunnings Warehouse in Mile End, South Australia. To find your closest locations click here


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Handy Rentals provides commercial and private customers with the best van rentals in Australia, with a wealth of pick-up locations around the country, conveniently located at your local Bunnings Warehouse in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australian and Victoria.

We’re renowned across the country for our high-quality, meticulously maintained vehicles, including utes as well as vans, providing exceptionally high standards of customer service that meets all our customers’ demands, as well as for providing a quality service and maintaining a high standard of ethics at all times. This empowers our customers to use the van rentals we provide with confidence and assuredness.

Our Vans

Our 1-tonne vans are the robust and very popular Hyundai iLoads & Toyota Hiace’s, which represent the perfect solution for anyone who needs to move something from A to B and has need of the extra accessibility, functionality and security that only a van can provide.

Our Vans are highly functional vehicles suitable for a broad range of applications, making them a very popular choice among tradespeople looking for a van that offers practicality in addition to advanced safety features and excellent fuel economy.

For customers’ confidence in our vans, all our Vans are less than 5 years old and come standard with a side access door, air conditioning and power steering. This means they’re easy to drive, offer excellent accessibility and are sure to meet all your business, trade or private needs. Perfect for tradies that need to keep their gear secure, moving important items in any weather, or relocating to your new home.

If you’re looking for a reliable and economical van rental in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria or Western Australia, Handy Rentals’ van rentals are for you. Get in touch today and find out why we’re known for providing the best vans for hire.


These reliable and sturdy vans feature a cargo area with a 4.3 cubic metre capacity that makes them ideal for carrying a variety of loads over short or long distances.

With interior dimensions of 2425 mm length, 1620 mm width – space between wheel arches 1260 mm – and 1350 mm height, you’re able to transport a wide range of loads safely and securely. And with exterior dimensions of 5125mm length, 1920 mm width and 1935 mm height, they’re easy to navigate through hectic traffic conditions, and they’re also very easy to park, even on worksites hampered with obstacles.

These qualities make our Hyundai iLoads and Toyota Hiace’s the best value for money van rentals in Australia. And with our reputation for providing the best utes and vans for hire, you can rest assured that all your needs will be met when you hire a van from Handy Rentals.

As we work to meet your needs at all times, we provide a wide variety of rental options, including hourly and half day rates, daily, weekly and discounted rates, along with long-term van hire packages. Speak to us today to find out more.

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